Investigative television programmes do a fine job protecting ordinary people from cheats and unscrupulous business people.

The automobile industry is one where dirty tricks have been exposed time and again.

We represent many reputable companies in the motoring sector and one of the most straightforward and honest of our clients was about to be exposed on Rogue Traders for “ripping off” customers.

The business in question had thousands of employees across the country and one of their technicians had been filmed by an undercover reporter taking dangerous short cuts on the maintenance of a vehicle.



The TV team described what they had captured on film and we concluded the employee in question had definitely cut corners.

We recommended he should be fired, the car in question should be properly fixed and the motorist compensated.

We issued a full on-air apology applauding the TV team for bringing the situation to the company's attention. As a result, a damaging incident was turned around and the company's reputation received only a minor dent.

The lesson from the incident – when in the wrong, it pays to put your hands up and apologise.