Reputation management and crisis communications is not restricted to print, broadcast online journalists and bloggers.

It can involve multiple audiences including employees, investors, customers, suppliers, partners senators and MPs.

At Only Reputation we can advise you when to speak and when to stay silent, who to speak to and who to avoid.

Effective communication to every audience is what counts and we’ll advise you when pays to say little or nothing.




Our reputation management team includes more journalists than most newspapers, radio or TV stations.

As poachers turned gamekeeper we know how to deftly deal with investigative journalists, bloggers, reporters and editors online and offline.

Managing the media is a job best left to the experts and we usually advise our clients to leave us to deal with hostile journalists.

We deal with the media each and every day and we know what to say and how to say it.


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At Only Reputation we swing into action to sort out immediate and pressing problems.

We prefer, however, to put a considered crisis management plan in place in order to reach all your audiences with succinct and intelligent messages that use the right tone of voice.

Choosing appropriate language is vitally important and, as you would expect, we frame our messages from the standpoint of the audiences you need to address.

We may use a different tones of voice when speaking to employees or customers. While the tone may change, the secret is to ensure the messages are always consistent.



When your reputation is at stake, we tend to advise clients not to speak directly to journalists or bloggers.

We much prefer giving the media carefully considered statements that provide the facts and avoid speculation.

On occasions when it is necessary to enter into a dialogue, we will ensure you are properly prepared by rehearsing responses - in front of a TV camera if necessary.

It’s important to leave nothing to chance and ensure your succinct messages connect with the hearts and minds of journalists and every audience that matters.


don't tell lies

Lying is a dangerous communications strategy – that’s why we advise our clients to stick to the facts.

However, we advise them not to blurt out culpable facts, indulge in flights of speculation or make emotional statements which they will later regret.

Careless words and telling journalists too much can come back to bite you. What you say may be recorded forever and could damage your reputation for years to come.

That’s why every message should be carefully thought through and every communication should be carefully considered.

Crisis communications can be like walking a tightrope and we will ensure you don’t fall off.




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